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        Welcome to Aixinda Electronics official website!

        Join/Sales hotline:13427074414 After-sales service:020-36546367

        Hot words:compressed nebulizer | blood pressure monitor | infrared thermometer | electronic thermometer and other medical devices OEM/ODM
        Our Service
        Established for more than 10 years, the introduction of Germany, Japan advanced medical technology achievements, focusing on medical equipment product research, development, production, sales, service
        Latest News
        We continue to provide our customers with with excellent quality and cost-effective OEM/ODM products.
        Our Clients
        Won the awards “Advanced Enterprise of Independent Innovation”, “High-tech Enterprise ”, “Contract-abiding and Trust-worthy Enterprise” respectively.
        Adhering to the development philosophy of “ Grow with symbiosis and access to the world”, we are already the key supplier of many branded enterprises.
        Medical Equipment OEM/ODM
        Adhering to the core of science and technology, Aixida has introduced advanced medical technology achievements from Germany and Japan, in strict accordance with NMPA and ISO standards, and continues to provide our customers with OEM/ODM products with excellent quality and leading cost performance
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